How to calculate your website Bandwidth needs?

website bandwidth

Getting a hosting for your website for most peoples are like getting in to a fancy restaurant without prices on the menu, you may get an expensive adventure. Most website owners don’t know that every time someone visit your website is using bandwidth, every bit of information or image you transmit from your website to your visitor count on your bandwidth usage.

Most of the prices of hosting are based on the bandwidth allowance, more bandwidth more money for that reason is important to be smart optimizing size on image and videos you add as content for your website. You may heard many companies offering free website or free or easy to build online store just remember companies selling   any product online they are trying to make money as regular store offer seasonal promotion not always are real promotion, that’s way we recommend you get a professional web designer to help you with your online project, in a long run you could save a lot of money

1. 1There is not easier way to calculate your future bandwidth usage because your need to collect information from your website like the average page size of your site, in kilobytes (KB). If you don’t know, use Pingdom’s Load Time test on a few pages and take the average.

2. Multiply this value by the monthly average number of visitors.

3. Multiply the result from step 2. by the average number of page views per visitor.

If math isn’t your strong suit, MarbleHost has a basic tool that can help. It even converts the final answer into GB, making it useful for determining how much bandwidth you should buy without having to carry the decimal.

If you’re not using a lot of bandwidth in your hosting in most cases because you don’t have many visitor in your website or the information you have is not relevant for users. But the good news is if you paying more money in your hosting because bandwidth usage chances are you’re doing more business online.

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